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“Yoga is for everyone.  Yoga changes lives.  Community is everything.”

The Abundant Yoga Community is a non-profit organization committed to bringing yoga to people in our community who might not otherwise have access.  Practicing yoga is good for everyone.  The physical and mental benefits of a regular yoga practice are well documented, and applicable to everyone regardless of age and physical ability.  But even though yoga might be for everyone, not everyone has access to it.  An ‘open’ sign on a yoga studio doesn’t necessarily mean everyone can walk in the door. 

Financial, mobility, and transportation issues keep people who could hugely benefit from yoga, from being able to try it.  Think of the person who was laid off during the height of the pandemic and had to cancel their yoga membership they relied on so much for their health.  Or the person in an assisted living facility who would love to try yoga, but there is no budget for it.  In this way, yoga is not for everyone, and that is what the Abundant Yoga Community was created to change. 

The Abundant Yoga Community was created to bridge the gap between members of the community and yoga resources, regardless of ability to pay. 

Who AYC is For

AYC’s Mission Statement: “To reach people who might have limited access to commercial yoga studios due to financial or geographical constraints.”

When AYC was developed, founder Tracey Mortensen saw a need in the community that could be filled with the mindful collaboration of resources.  Although many studios offer a free class (like Karma yoga at Inspiring Actions, offered twice a month!), these classes are limited and classes that you have to pay for are typically not that cheap. 

Drop-in rates are usually at least $20, and monthly memberships to a studio can be over $200.  Even though someone might love to incorporate yoga into their regular health routine, this type of financial commitment might not be possible.

The Abundant Yoga Community was created to bridge the gap between members of the community and yoga resources, regardless of ability to pay.  This includes individuals as well as organizations that want to bring yoga to their people.  As recognition of yoga’s health benefits continues to increase in our society, more and more people want to try it.  But paying for a membership or physically going to a studio might not be an option.  Those are the people the Abundant Yoga Community was created for, specifically:

  • Citizens with physical mobility issues
  • Citizens in recovery from substance abuse
  • Survivors of cancer
  • Anyone who wants a group yoga class (and maybe can’t afford a studio)
  • Teenagers
  • Anyone who wants an online meditation class (and maybe can’t afford studio classes and/or doesn’t have transportation)

The benefits of a regular yoga practice should not be just for those who can afford a studio membership.  Yoga is a proven tool for physical and mental health that everyone can benefit from, but it’s accessibility is often limited by ability to pay or geographical location.  The Abundant Yoga Community is for anyone and everyone who would like to try yoga and connect with other people experiencing its benefits. 

How AYC Helps the Community

“We help yoga teachers, health workers, schools, and yoga studios bring yoga to those in need.” 

Healthy people create healthy communities.  The AYC recognizes that the health of individuals has a ripple effect into the community.  The focus of the AYC is to eliminate some of the obstacles that keep people from experiencing the life-changing benefits of yoga.  As individual’s lives are improved, our community is strengthened.  Healthier people are more active and involved in the community, and more apt to give of their own resources and time. 

There are people all over our community who would benefit from yoga and have an interest but hesitate because they don’t believe it’s an option for them given whatever constraints they have.  By bringing yoga to these people, the Abundant Yoga Community spreads the love of yoga that is normally reserved for those with financial means. 

The Abundant Yoga Community offers personal scholarships, grants and sponsored events to bring yoga to more people.  Individuals looking for financial support can apply online here, and groups interested in a sponsored event, like bringing a yoga class to a school or addiction center, can apply hereInspiring Actions offers a free Karma yoga class twice a month, where participants can donate to AYC if they’re able, or just enjoy a free yoga class if they’re not!  You can sign up for that here

The Abundant Yoga Community offers personal scholarships, grants and sponsored events to bring yoga to more people

What You Can Do to Help

“I am so very grateful for the scholarship from the Abundant Yoga Community.  I have found that having a regular yoga practice has improved my muscle strength and flexibility.  But, more importantly, it has given me a sense of centeredness and inner peace.  I am better able to face the challenges in my life with a calm and accepting perspective.  Thank you for giving me this gift!”

~ Lisa Z.

These words are the essence of why the AYC was created: To help individuals feel better so they go out and make the community better.  Your donations and involvement are what make it possible for AYC to fulfill its commitment.  By pooling our resources, we can make yoga available to anyone who wants it.  Every amount helps; there is no donation too small! 

Ways to Help:

There are some upcoming sponsored events coming up at Inspiring Actions!  Join us for free Karma yoga in River Falls on the third Sunday of each month from 4 – 5pm, or in Hudson on the second Saturday of each month from 9:30 – 10:30am.  Anyone can attend free of charge or make a donation of any size to support the Abundant Yoga Community.  The class is open to all levels of experience.  Click here for specific dates, and to register for a class! 


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