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Inspiring Actions Yoga is a Hudson Yoga studio that specializes in exceptional yoga classes and is passionate about helping new yoga students experience the empowering benefits of Yoga.
At our Hudson studio, you will experience a welcoming community, high-quality teaching, and lots of variety!

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Beginner Yoga

New to Yoga? Try Yoga 101!

Inspiring Actions Yoga invites you to dip your toes into the healing waters of yoga. We are offering a four-week introductory series for people who are new to yoga.

Yoga 101 is designed for those who want an introduction to the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. In our intimate and friendly environment, you’ll learn the history and benefits of yoga and gently be guided into your own physical yoga practice.

Yoga Teacher Training

Inspiring Actions Yoga offers world class yoga teacher training that will help you grow, challenge you, and give you the skills and confidence to teach yoga.

yoga teacher training
If you found yourself on this page, it’s probably because you’re looking to learn more about our yoga studio in Hudson. But, if we’re being honest, to us, our breath and movement yoga studio is so much more than just a yoga studio. We’re a place for you to solidify your intentions. We’re a place for personal development. We’re a place for ultimate relaxation through our incredible services like massage and primordial sound meditation. But above all else, we’re a community of remarkable humans.

Community matters at our Hudson Yoga Studio

When you imagine a yoga studio in Hudson, you probably envision the yoga room with its open space and mat-lined floors, or the smiling teachers that waft about with ease and steadiness, or maybe it’s the dedicated practitioners that seem to have it all together; but really, they’re just like you. For example, Andrea—she’s a mom of three and marketing executive who has guilt when she leaves her kids for yoga class, but knows that she’s a better mom when she takes a moment for herself. Or you might be like Gabby—a few years into her career and enjoying the freedom to socialize, travel, and uses yoga to explore who she is and get stronger in her body. And then there is Michael—our driven business owner whose health fell to the wayside while building his business and supporting his family. Michael is now taking control of his health through nutrition counseling and private yoga sessions that fit his busy schedule.

Besides our students, we also have a spectacular group of yoga teachers who are like our second family. Our team has decades of combined experience from a variety of different backgrounds. Whether you like your yoga laid-back and supported, fun and imperfect, or challenging yet light-hearted, we have the perfect yoga teacher and yoga class for you. To read more about our instructors, click here.

Yoga Classes in Hudson

Our yoga classes in Hudson impel powerful living. While having a healthy physical body is important, you become most powerful when you compliment your healthy body with a sound mind and nurturing spiritual practice. This brings you to a state of balance and creates the clarity to move forward in any area of your life. The services to follow have provided immense benefit to our team members and students at varying times in their yoga journey. By adding on a service, you’ll deepen your understanding and expedite your progress in the area(s) you desire. All services are offered by a certified or licensed member of our team or valued partner in the community.

We infuse personal development in each and every one of these classes and services. You’ll hear it in our classes and experience it in our sequencing, but you’ll also find it on our bookshelves, in our newsletter, or via social media. We want to help you grow and we’ll give you the resources to make it happen.

Being human is an exhilarating and unique experience. We are filled with emotions, feelings, and the urge to make the best of life as we know it. With this drive to make the best of life, we actually forget to be alive in each moment. We aim for something in the future and vow to become alive when we reach our goal. In the meantime, we deaden ourselves to the world and live life day-in and day-out until we reached our target and grant ourselves the permission to be alive for a few moments.  

We believe there’s a different way to live. A way that’s full of vitality and freedom, yet doesn’t affect the impact you make on the world. In fact, it enhances it! And it’s available to you through regular yoga practice, meditation, inquiry, and our other services. As soon as you walk in the doors at Inspiring Actions Yoga, you’re in a sacred space that will challenge and inspire you. All of our yoga classes are led with intention and integrity. Yoga is a work-in practice, not a work-out. Whether you’re focused on being body positive, learning how to re-frame your thoughts, or merely pausing to be in the moment—our hope is that over time you’ll be able to observe what you need and take action.

We hope to see you in one of our yoga classes in Hudson, soon.

Hudson Yoga Studio


About Our Hudson Yoga Studio

Founded by Tracey Mortensen, Inspiring Actions joined the Hudson wellness community in 2008 with a modest 15 yoga classes on the weekly schedule.  It steadily built a reputation in the St. Croix Valley for its welcoming, non-judgmental environment that caters to yoga practitioners of all abilities and experience.  Five years later and busting at the seams, Inspiring Actions made the exciting move to the current location!  Surrounded by large windows exposing beautiful natural scenery, students can choose from up to 35 weekly classes taking place in two practice spaces.   Regular classes at Inspiring Actions span the spectrum from Gentle and Restorative offerings to more rigorous heated Power Vinyasa classes, and the studio boasts a busy schedule of specialty workshops and trainings, catering to students and teachers alike.


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