Om with us from Home – 10 Benefits of using our Online Yoga Studio

When the pandemic hit, the world was forced to pause, ponder, and pivot. Through the chaos of the unknown, new ways of doing old things were created. 

Enter… the Inspiring Actions Online Yoga Studio! Through classes on Facebook and over Zoom, you can stay connected and practice together, no matter where you are in your world, and despite what the world throws at us. 

10 Benefits of Practicing Yoga Virtually

With a virtual yoga practice through Inspiring Actions Yoga, you are able to receive the benefits of an in-person class, as well as many others that you may not have necessarily thought of. Here’s a list of 10 ways that you can benefit from our online classes.

1. It’s Faster

How great is it that you can log off after working from home and log right into your yoga class? Let’s be honest, if you’re working from home, you’re probably already in comfy clothes, so you’re all ready to go. Even if you do have to change, you don’t have to drive to and from the studio, giving you back those precious minutes to spend with your family or even some extra time for yourself.

2. Flexibility: Your Practice, Your Needs, Your Choice

You get to take your class when it works for you. Are you able to pop on for a live class? That’s great! Did your meeting run long and you missed class time? That’s still great, because you can access our classes whenever you want by finding them in the archives and catching a class with a replay. In the mood for a Power Yoga class, but only Gentle is coming up? Hit up those archives to find the class you’re craving.

3. Travel Friendly

Heading to the cabin this weekend? Grab your mat, hit the dock, log on, and enjoy some lakeside yoga with your favorite instructor from Inspiring Actions. Spending time taking care of a loved one in another state? Come to your mat and your virtual yoga practice for strength and restoration. With our online yoga studio, you can take your practice with you anywhere life takes you.

4. Keep up with what you’ve started

Whether you’ve been practicing for years or days, consistency is key when experiencing the health benefits of yoga. Do yourself a favor and pop into a virtual class to maintain and grow your practice and receive all the good things yoga has to offer your mind, body, and soul. Returning to yoga after a little, or a lotta, time off is so rewarding in that you will notice the benefits will come flooding back to you rather quickly. It’s just like riding a bike, go with the flow and enjoy the ride! 

5. Connection

Most of our instructors teach both in person and virtually, so you’ll be able to stay connected with your favorite teachers. Some of our classes are offered over Zoom allowing you to connect with your fellow yogis as well. This personal connection is such an important value of the yoga community, especially Inspiring Actions, where everyone is always welcome. 

6. Weather

You will never have a class canceled due to a snow storm or studio power outage with our virtual yoga classes. Sure, a live streaming class may be unable to happen from time to time, but that’s when you choose a favorite from the library of archived classes. You never have to leave your house in the rain, snow, cold, or excessive heat.

7. Safety

With the pandemic, safety is definitely top of mind. By practicing at home, you don’t have to worry about catching, or spreading, any germs. While our indoor classes are practiced safely with mats six feet apart and masks worn to and from our mats, we understand that for some, practicing at home is still what is best. 

8. Absence of Ego/Non-Intimidating

While Inspiring Actions prides itself on welcoming everyone at every level, we are all human and that little bit of “I’m not doing this right” or “I’m afraid to try that, because I’ll fall flat on my face” can sometimes creep in. You are by yourself while practicing yoga virtually, so you do you. No one can see you wobbling in your tree pose like those air blown thing-a-majigs at the car dealership. Keep going, you got this!

9. Press Pause

Have to use the bathroom in the middle of class? Press Pause. Cat walk by and spill your water? Press Pause. Need extra time in a stretch? Press Pause. Kids screaming in the other room? Press Pause. While sometimes in our live streaming classes, this won’t always work, catching one on the replay will definitely give you the Power of Pause.

10. Personalized Space

By practicing yoga virtually, you get to set the mood to whatever your heart desires. Most of our virtual classes do not play music, so you can vinyasa to Vivaldi, or bliss out to Bon Jovi. Light your favorite scented candle, or enjoy your scent free space if you’re sensitive. Practice with the twinkle lights you’ve strung up around your space, or right in front of a big window to soak up the daylight. Grab your favorite beverage and get your Om on.

You’re ready, aren’t you? Let’s get you all set up!

Joining our Online Yoga Studio is super simple. Click here to be directed to our main site for directions on how to register for our Online Yoga Studio. We have classes that are streamed over both Zoom and Facebook. You will need a Facebook account to catch them there as classes are both live and archived in a private group. For our Zoom classes, once you sign up for a class, an email with the link to join will be sent about an hour before start time. 

We have many different memberships, packages, and drop in pricing options available. New to Inspiring Actions Yoga Studio & Wellness Center? Check out our New Student Special to begin your journey with us. 

We can’t wait for you to see us on our mats and begin, or continue, your yoga practice from afar. 

For more information, checkout our website at or feel free to shoot us an email at

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