Hypnosis has received medical approval since 1892 as a safe and proven method of improving health and well-being.

Hypnosis is your natural God-given ability to tap into the power of your mind, at a deep level, to achieve the results you want. It is a natural neurological state in which you have greater control of your head, heart and body. Because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, you can learn how to use this powerful tool to convince or unconvince yourself of anything.

Do you want to change a behavior?  Overcome a fear?  Improve performance?  Reduce pain?

Hypnosis can help with many, many things, including, but far from limited to:
• stress reduction, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger issues
• study habits, increased focus, exam success, and test anxiety
• insomnia
• phobias, fears
• weight loss, smoking cessation, exercise motivation
• compulsive behaviors, spending
• pain management, surgery preparation, surgical recovery
• self esteem, confidence


Tracey Mortensen
Certified Hypnotherapist

Call or Text: (651) 497-6753

Hypnotherapy pricing: 

  • Sessions are $125/hr.  
  • Clients typically see results in 1-6 sessions. Session recordings are included.



(651) 497-6753

Education and Credentials: 

Certified Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), 2013

Say no more, I'm ready to try Hypnotherapy.

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