The Top 4 Reasons to Go on A Yoga Retreat

In a previous post, we discussed what you can expect from a yoga retreat. However, with our recent Inspiring Actions Costa Rica retreat, we were inspired to delve deeper into why you should consider going on a yoga retreat in the first place! If you are looking for a way to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect […]

Yoga 101: Inspiring Action’s Signature Series for Beginners

Yoga Studio Near me

One of the things I find most fascinating about yogis is learning about what brought them to yoga and why they stuck with it. Some people come to yoga because a doctor suggested it, or as part of a physical therapy plan. Others come out of personal curiosity, or perhaps with a relentless friend. But […]

How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat

In case you missed our last post, we covered everything you need to know about yoga props – why they’re used, what they’re good for, and the four most common types. If you’re interested, you can read it here! This week, we’re going to dive into the most essential piece of yoga equipment – the […]

Yoga Props: The 4 Most Common Yoga Props and Why We Use Them

You’re arriving at your first yoga class and you’re excited and maybe just a bit nervous. You’ve heard so much about how yoga has helped others in your life, and you’re looking forward to trying it for yourself. You opted not to buy a mat; you’re not sure you’ll stick with yoga, so it’s not […]

The Winter Solstice: 3 Ways to Embrace the Stillness of the Season

If I’m being honest, winter is not my favorite. I hate wearing huge poofy jackets, driving on icy roads, canceling plans because of the icy roads, not seeing the sun for days, trudging through slush in parking lots. It’s just not for me; I guess I’m more of a warm-weather gal. To me, the definition […]

Intentions vs. Expectations: How to Set Powerful Resolutions for 2024

At the beginning of a new year, many of us make resolutions, promises to ourselves to improve something in our lives.  Maybe we’re finally kicking our soda habit, or starting a regular yoga routine, or setting up healthy boundaries in our relationships.  Our resolutions are goals we set to either eliminate an unhealthy thing in […]

Taking Yoga Off the Mat

After completing a yoga session, you feel a warm sensation throughout your body, thanks to the positive energy that your practice has just generated. As you relax in savasana, your mind is tranquil and centered, and the issues that seemed so overwhelming before the class now appear less daunting. You take your time to pack […]

Top 2 Reasons Yoga is Growing in Popularity

“If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. If you’re not into yoga; if you have half a brain.” Since taking up a yoga practice almost a decade ago, I have heard this song a few times and it always makes me smile. It came out in 1979 at a time when […]

The Importance of Stretching

Yoga is an amazing type of fitness because it is so versatile. Depending on the style, a yoga class can include cardio, strength training, resistance training, and more. One thing that makes yoga stand out in the world of fitness is its’ emphasis on stretching. Other types of exercise may include some level of flexibility […]

Top 5 Obstacles to Spiritual Health & How to Overcome Them

Many yogis pay special attention to our physical health.  We exercise, stretch, drink a ton of water, eat the right foods.  Physical health is important to our overall wellbeing and should not be discounted, but what about our spiritual health?  Even the most physically fit person might be spiritually out of shape.  This lesser-known but […]


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