Yoga & Cardio: A Match Made in Fitness Heaven

Are you looking for a new way to stay fit?  Do you want to challenge your body in a holistic, balanced manner?  Combining yoga and cardio is the perfect solution!  An exercise plan that brings together these two disciplines can be hugely beneficial – both mentally and physically.  Not only will it improve your strength, […]

What the 12 Signs of the Zodiac Say About You

Astrology is an ancient practice we can use to gain insight into our life.  It can help us better understand ourselves, our relationships with others, and our place in the world.  Through exploring the different signs of the Zodiac, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and those around us.  In this post, we’ll […]

3 Things You Should Do After a Yoga Class

Practicing yoga can be incredibly restorative and beneficial for your mental and physical wellbeing. By taking up a practice, or even a single class, you have taken a huge step toward improving the area of your life that brought you to yoga in the first place.  So, you’ve taken a class and now it’s over; […]

Interview With a Yogi – Issue #1: Hanna’s Yoga Story

People come to yoga for a variety of reasons. Some look to ease physical pain, others accompany a friend, and many are simply curious. Whatever sparks the initial interest, those who commit to a regular practice undergo profound changes that answer any questions about yoga’s benefits. What was once dismissed as a hippie pastime is […]


The concept of prana, or life force energy, is an important aspect of yoga.  Prana is simple to explain, but difficult to grasp.  It is the energy that makes us alive, the energy that makes us different than a shoe, but strangely similar to a tree.  Prana is the ungraspable force that causes us to […]

Top 6 Yoga Terms to Know

When you’re new to yoga, the number of new terms you’re exposed to can be overwhelming.  There are names for poses, different styles of yoga, and frequently used Sanskrit references that are like a foreign language to a new yogi.  It’s intimidating enough to be unfamiliar with how to perform the poses; the combination of […]

10 Beginner Yoga Poses – Part II of II

In our last post, we went over five beginner yoga poses you can try at home or use as preparation for your first class.  If you missed that post, check it out here!  Although knowledge of yoga poses is absolutely not necessary to take a beginner class, it is helpful to know the terms and […]

The 4 Aims of Life – Purusharthas

Somewhere within each of us lies the desire to understand the meaning of life.  We may not think about it daily (although some do!), but a thorough examination of the Self will usually reveal spiritual curiosity on some level.  We might ask ourselves, “What is the point of life?”, or “What is my purpose?”.  We […]

Spring Equinox 2023

What is the Spring Equinox? On March 20th at 4:24pm CST, the sun will cross over the equator moving from south to north, causing both hemispheres of the Earth to receive the sun’s rays equally.  This is known as the Spring Equinox (or Vernal Equinox), and it signals the beginning of spring in the Northern […]


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